Public Health Informatics and Technology

Want to make the world healthier? Want to use data to right wrongs? Join the PHIT Force!

Dominican University’s new online Public Health Informatics and Technology (PHIT) program applies technology to positively impact public health. PHIT combines the mission of public health with the evolving field of data science. The healthcare IT industry is expanding rapidly and looking for talent. With a PHIT minor, you can build the new skills you need to be that talent. Joining the PHIT Force can set you on a path for a career in healthcare technology

Next Online Session Starts in January 2023 

Job Opportunities

The PHIT curriculum will provide you with skills applicable to many industries and careers—critical thinking, data analysis, data visualization, database management, the cloud, and project management. 

Dominican University is working with a consortium of partners to provide paid internships to PHIT Force candidates, including: Bon Secours Charity Health System, CorEvitas, Cornerstone Family Healthcare, EmpiRx Health, Mount Sinai Health System, and New York State Department of Health.

PHIT Careers

Nurse Informaticist (for nurses)

Public Health Informaticist

Data Analyst

Public Health Data Quality Analyst

Clinical Informatics Specialist

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What You’ll Learn

Public Health Informatics and Technology (PHIT) is a developing field that applies advances in data science to medicine in order to improve public health. 

Develop skills in data science, data management, and project management in the context of your interest in health care and population health. 

Take part in realistic role-play exercises that will call upon your skills to respond to a public health crisis, giving you valuable life-like experiences that will ensure you can hit the ground running in your future workplace.

Put your skills to use in a career where you can:

Leverage technology to improve public health

Find trends that enable health professionals to make the population healthier and safer, and prepare communities for possible disasters.

Help communities cope with pandemics

Address health disparities in various communities

Do You PHIT?

Do you have a sense of mission to help improve lives?

Do you have a passion for analyzing data and solving puzzles?

Do you have an ability to ‘translate’ ideas to diverse people?

If you answered yes to these question, this program is right for you!

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